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Accenture invests in Ripjar and creates a new strategic alliance

Accenture has created a strategic alliance with the data intelligence firm Ripjar at the same time as it purchaseda minority stake. In a statement rele...

Ben Mouncer
|Jul 24|magazine5 min read

Accenture has created a strategic alliance with the data intelligence firm Ripjar at the same time as it purchased a minority stake.

In a statement released this week, the tech giant confirmed that the investment had been made through its Accenture Ventures fund and will expand Accenture Security’s capability in data fusion, automated analytics and machine learning.

Ripjar was founded by experts from the United Kingdom's security and intelligence services with the aim of utilising technologies to transform how cyber crimes are both detected and prevented.

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Accenture Security will leverage Ripjar’s next-generation strategic intelligence platform, Labyrinth, giving it the ability to fuse, analyse and orchestrate data to help its clients work on important strategic issues such as public safety and financial crime.

"With the explosion of connected devices, predicting and detecting cyberattacks from a massive volume of data has become as difficult as finding a needle in a field of haystacks," said Kelly Bissell, senior managing director of Accenture Security. "Ripjar’s unique intelligent analytics capabilities provide significant insight into complex investigations and deliver greater situational awareness of complex threats. Our minority investment in Ripjar reinforces our commitment to provide clients with innovative solutions to safeguard their systems, networks and people."

Tom Griffin, CEO, Ripjar, added: "Tackling growing global challenges requires innovative and scalable approaches. Accenture Security’s global reach, deep industry experience and innovation-led approach, combined with Ripjar’s technology, is a real game changer for supporting global organizations in the fight against cybercrime."