Moammar Information Systems: Integrating an unrivalled IT legacy that lasts

Dale Benton
|Jun 3|magazine12 min read

As a provider of IT systems integration solutions founded in 1979, Al Moammar Information Systems Co. (MIS) has continuously evolved its operations in order to sustain its position as one of the most efficient and competitive diversified companies throughout KSA.

Earlier this year, MIS welcomed Ziad Mortaja as the company’s new General Manager. Mortaja brings with him years of experience in Schneider Electric, Hewlett Packard and Cisco, which will prove crucial as the company embarks on an aggressive growth strategy over the next decade   

“My experience working with the large internationals will help inform my decision making with MIS, as we build an organisation and evolve MIS to become a stronger systems integrator throughout KSA with international standards,” he says.

MIS is made up of six divisions with key areas of focus; solutions, security, IT services management, systems, networking and operation and maintenance. It is this diversified portfolio that has allowed MIS to develop partnerships with some of the largest technology providers operating in the Middle East, including Oracle, Cisco, HPE, BMC, Microsoft and many others.

“This mixture and depth of our portfolio allows MIS to provide complete solutions to our customers,” says Mortaja. “We target with our six divisions large and strategic projects as we have the capacity and the capability to take on those projects.” This capability is solidified through the company achieving the highest Saudi Government Classification Certificate, a prerequisite to be able to bid and execute large scale IT projects and services in the kingdom, a true reflection of the company’s credibility in the market. Working with such largescale major clients within its portfolio, MIS thrives to develop and foster the relationship with these clients in order to achieve a solution offering that is of benefit to both MIS and the technology provider.

“Every year we build an operational business plan jointly with our partners, where we agree on focus markets, targets and investment areas,” says Mortaja. “MIS has the capabilities and the skills to address all the needs across all the elements of the IT value chain, from infrastructure, application operation and support.”

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This mixture and depth of our portfolio allows MIS to provide full, complete solutions to their customers,” says Mortaja. We target our six markets by focusing on large projects, because we have the capacity and the capability to take on those projects


MIS has worked with some of its biggest clients for more than 30 years and as the IT infrastructure space has evolved, the company has worked closely with these clients to continue to provide them with the most effective services and products, rather than leaving them to navigate the changing landscape alone.

This relationship also works both ways, as technology and innovation drives this transformations’ close working with clients such as Microsoft and Cisco allows it to develop its solutions in alignment with that.

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  • “We are always communicating and engaging with our clients, and this informs us as to what is happening in the marketplace and within their own technology creation space. These relationships essentially formulate our business plans,” says Mortaja.

    In the IT integration solutions space, increasing attention is being turned towards data, data storage, business intelligence and, consequently, data security. As technology continues to redefine the market, Mortaja is keen to stress that no technological transformation can be effective without the company’s most important asset, its people.

    MIS strives to attract, develop and, more importantly, retain the highest level of human capital in order to be a market leader.

    “As a company, our human capital is part of our entire development ethos,” says Mortaja. “Every time we identify a new skillset that’s required, or a new technology element we focus our investment plan around how we can train our people and develop them to be the very best they can be for the company and for the client.”

    Due to the changing nature of the market, having a skills gap can be inescapable at times and MIS works closely with what Mortaja describes as “extended partnerships” that provide it with resources that enable the company to learn and provide specialised services.

    “We assess our core competencies with our own staff and through our extended reach to a well-established network of partners,” he says. “It becomes a combination of both homegrown and extended reach in order to continue to deliver to client expectations.”

    MIS has a vision to become the trusted IT partner for some of the largest projects in Saudi Arabia, but to get there, Mortaja understands that sometimes it’s not about the destination, rather the transformational journey that represents the one key success for the company.

    “For me, success is a journey not a destination,” says Mortaja. “My role is to build on more than 30 years of success. We want to be the best for our customers, the best for the company, for our employees and for our shareholders, and with that, it's a journey that must not end.”

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