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Varian Medical Systems

Varian Medical Systems: Together we are bigger than cancer


Why 5G Matters: SAP’s 5G Council Explores the Opportunity

NTT ltd.

NTT: leading the digital transformation journey

NTT Ltd.

NTT: Enhancing the performance of enterprise applications

Danilo McGarry

Increasing corporate valuations with AI, RPA and automation

Melco Resorts & Entertainment

Melco: broad digital transformation in integrated resorts

Siemens Energy

Siemens Energy & Tenable: collaboration in securing the digital transformation in the energy sector

Talley Inc.

US distributor Talley Inc. builds intelligence and connectivity

T-Mobile US, Inc.

T-Mobile: Enhancing CX with digital supply chain solutions


Star2Star’s Cloud-native Solutions

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Telia Finland Oyj

Telia Finland Oyj: Building the country's largest data center


PwC: They will not pass

Deutsche Bahn

Deutsche Bahn and the journey to a digital future


Driving transformation at the DVLA

Department of Culture and Tourism Abu Dhabi

Behind the scenes of Abu Dhabi’s tourism industry procurement setup


Company focus: Supply chain transformation helping Avaya aim higher


How ZTE USA streamlined its supply chain to become a top smartphone supplier

Dicom Transportation Group

How Dicom is using technology to transform delivery services in Quebec and Ontario

Fanshawe College

Fanshawe: Engaging a community through education


Nokia’s ‘conscious’ factory of the future

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