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Remote working: Gartner announces digital workplace summit

COVID-19 has brought permanent changes, with many companies announcing remote, hybrid and flexible working options going forwards

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Even after the current COVID-19 pandemic wanes, some of the changes it has forced in society are clearly here to stay.

One of the more prominent is remote working, with many companies announcing remote, hybrid and flexible working patterns will become a permanent fixture.

Discussing the digital workplace

It’s with this in mind that research firm Gartner is convening the virtual Gartner Digital Workplace Summit 2021 on 26-27 April, with a focus on digital workplace strategies, employee experience and the necessary infrastructures to support new forms of working.

The conference will feature four tracks:

  • Track A: Build, Adapt and Execute a Digital Workplace Strategy
  • Track B: Leverage the Right Innovative Technologies for your Organization
  • Track C: Build a Secure Foundation for Seamless Operations
  • Track D: Create a Frictionless Employee Experience

“The way work is done today is drastically different from anything we ever could have imagined, and the future of work is perhaps even less predictable due to the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic,” the company said. “Digital workplace leaders must prepare for an entirely new roadmap of expectations and responsibilities as a result.” 

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