SabancıDx Closes 2019 With Record Growth

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Having increased its investments in new generation technologies including advanced data analytics, cyber security and artificial intelligence, SabancıDx grew by 39% in turnover and 96% in net income in 2019. The company launched its Digital Campus based on collaboration among the private sector, academic institutions and start-ups, and expanded into Portugal and Egypt through software.

ISTANBUL, Feb. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- SabancıDx, the digital and analytics company of Sabancı Group, achieved 39% growth in turnover and increased its net income by 96% in 2019 through its investments in technologies including advanced data analytics, robotic process automation, blockchain, artificial intelligence and industrial IoT. With its outstanding rapid growth and the bold steps it took, SabancıDx was also named by Fortune Magazine among the companies to follow in 2020.

SabancıDx partnered with five new generation technology start-ups

SabancıDx launched its Digital Campus in the last quarter of 2019 with a goal to create an R&D ecosystem based on collaboration among industry, academic institutions and start-ups and initiated the Catalist Start-up Program in the campus where more than 300 start-ups were analysed for collaboration. After identifying 50 start-ups as partner candidates, SabancıDx started to work actively with five start-ups operating in new generation technology fields including IoT, advanced data analytics and digital twins.

Expanded into two new markets through software exports

SabancıDx expanded its online procurement platform Pratis to Egypt and Portugal in 2019. Pratis, the platform bringing companies and best in class suppliers, analyses data of the last five years in order to increase the efficiency of procurement departments. Thanks to its broad supplier base, companies using Pratis enjoy strategic procurement and e-tender processes with optimum costs.   

Value creation of TRY 200 million through advanced data analytics

Using data to transform businesses through data analytics, SabancıDx conducted 74 analytics projects including 27 projects in industrial and cement sectors, 11 projects in energy sector, 19 projects in insurance sector and 17 projects in retail sector. TRY 200 million equivalent of value was created with projects to improve efficiency, profitability and product quality. The DnA Platform, formed as a SabancıDx initiative to increase advanced data analytics' transformative and synergizing impact in the business world and hosts Sabancı University Advanced Data Analytics Academy alumni and analytics professionals of Sabancı Group, reached 200 members in 2019.

The CFO of Sabancı Holding and SabancıDx Executive Director Barış Oran, commented on SabancıDx's 2019 activities: "Reinventing itself through refocusing on key growth areas with the 'Sabancı of New Generation' vision, SabancıDx contributes to the digitalization and innovative transformation of companies while making business processes more efficient and competitive by acting as the digital facilitator of companies. In 2019, we have achieved rapid growth in advanced data analytics, software development and robotic process automation. Developing products in analytical solutions, growing in other markets, achieving fast growth through building up capabilities in industrial IoT and cyber security are the priorities for 2020. The Digital Campus will be a great example of collaboration. SabancıDx has generated a significant field of attraction for talent in the technology field through growth and transformation."

SabancıDx Managing Director Burak Aydın underlined that 2019 was a milestone for SabancıDx and added: "We had a very successful year. Following 2018 in which we relaunched our corporate branding, we had a comprehensive transformation in 2019. We have always believed in the power of collaboration among industry, academic institutions and start-ups for Turkey's long-term development and we have established an innovation-driven ecosystem in our Digital Campus. Digital Campus has already become a meeting point for businesses, academicians and start-ups. We went through a transformation that adopted a new approach with teams that can adapt quickly to changes, create value and perform in a flat organization.

In line with the vision for SabancıDx, we are working for solutions related to the quality, deduplication and correlation of data, which has become the new currency of our day, and on transforming data into information, and information into added value with advanced data analytics. We had significant success in expanding our business, both in scope and geography. I believe that we have laid a strong foundation for the next decade in terms of developing new products and expanding into markets abroad and we will be guiding Turkey's digital transformation journey with success."

About SabancıDx

Having operated under Sabancı Holding, SabancıDx aims to pioneer Turkey's digital transformation through the vision of expanding into a global landscape. SabancıDx continues its activities in the field of advanced data analytics and digital transformation with the legacy it inherited from BimSA, which has 43 years of information technology experience and has completed many firsts and successful projects. SabancıDx plays an important role in the 'Sabancı of the New Generation' approach adopted by the Sabancı Group with its breakthrough new generation technologies such as Advanced Data Analytics, Robotic Workforce and Cyber Security.

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