Top 10 5G companies globally

|Oct 22|magazine2 min read

11. Mobile communication generations explained

The 1980s saw the first commercially available mobile phones come to market with eye-watering price tags, little network coverage, poor reliability and humourously oversized casings.

By the 90s, mobile phones had become smaller, more accessible and began to be adopted in the mainstream. Text messaging was born and manufacturers began to toy with form factors.

The third generation of wireless protocol introduced a quantum leap in data transfer, allowing email via phone to proliferate and over-the-air app downloads to birth a new era for smartphone software.

While 3G had been a leap forward from EDGE speeds, its limitations were clear when attempting video calls or large data transfers. 4G introduced the world to Wi-Fi comparable speeds over telephony networks.

Released in 2018, 5G promises unprecedented reliability and speeds that will put many Wi-Fi networks to shame. As well as offering consumer benefits, it is expected to usher in a revolution in the Internet of Things and autonomous technologies such as vehicles.