Featured Interviews

Avery Palos
Melco Resorts & Entertainment

Senior Vice President and Global Chief Information Officer

Kenneth Tan
Varian Medical Systems


Cyrus Tehrani
City of Hamilton

Chief Digital Officer at the City of Hamilton

George Iskenderian
Bell Inc.

Director of data and AI/ML

Timothy Marshall
Dallas College

Chief Innovation Officer at Dallas College

Richard Queen
Memorial Health System

Director of Data Solutions at Memorial Health in Ohio

Frank Wilde

VP of the SAP 5G Council

Kieran Notter

VP of Customer Transformation

Michelle Accardi

President and Chief Revenue Officer

Kai Grunwitz
NTT ltd.

CEO Germany

All Interviews

Larry Maccherone

Distinguished Engineer

Piers Shore

Chief Information Officer

Maria Tjahjadi

VP of Data Analytics, tiket.com

Phil Clayson
SSE Energy Services


Inderpal Bhandari

Global Chief Data Officer, IBM Corporation

Nick Wong
Bupa Australia and New Zealand

Director of Technology Delivery, Bupa Australia & New Zealand

Yogeshkumar Ratnakumar
Varian Medical Systems

Director of Business Transformation at Varian Medical Systems

Peter Powell
La Trobe University

Chief Information Officer (CIO) at La Trobe University

Alan Bye
Imvelo Pty Ltd

Managing Director of Imvelo Pty

Alberto Simongini
Australia Post

Head of Technology & Engineering at Australia Post

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